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Saturday, January 7, 2023

SSC CHSL Practice - General Studies


1. Fugdi, a Goan dance performed in the Konkan region, is performed generally during which of the following Hindu religious festivals.?

a) Diwali 

b) Holi

c) Durga Puja

d) Ganesh Chaturthi


2. Thaipusam festival is celebrated in the which of the following Indian states.?

a) Kerala

b) Assam

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Arunachal Pradesh


3. Who founded the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1784.?

a) Lord Macaulay

b) Sir William Jones

c) Lord Cornwallis

d) Warren Hastings

4. Which of the following are the two popular folk dances of Gujarat performed during Navaratri.?

a) Garba and Dandiya

b) Sword Dance and Aaleni - Haleni

c) Gheriya Nritya and Madari Dance

d) Aagva Nritya and Kaakda Nritya

5. Mallika Sarabhai was honoured by the_________ government with Chevalier des Palmes Academiques 2005.

a) French

b) Canadian

c) Swiss

d) Belgian

6. Khelo India University Games - 2021 were hosted by____

a) Kerala

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Telengana

d) Karnataka

7. Khelo India University Games - 2022 were hosted by____

a) Kochi

b) Hydrabad

c) Chennai

d) Bengaluru

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